Personal Training

Ridge Fitness offers a variety of personal training options, tailored to help you meet your specific goals.

One-on-one and group training are both available. For each, personalized programs are developed, and focus on either the individual or group goals.

Straight out the door, Ridge Fitness is an outdoor training delight. We can utilize the many parks, stairs, hills, and benches that the neighborhood provides. With a combination of aerobic and resistance training, outdoor training is great for a group or an individual.

For sport specific training, whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a first-timer, we can help you improve your game. We can increase your speed, strength and agility.

We specialize in:

Weight Loss

Increased Strength and Stamina

Increased Flexibility

Injury Rehabilitation

Osteoporosis Prevention

Core Strengthening

Development of Speed and Strength for Athletes

Triathlon Training

Please call Ridge Fitness to determine which fitness package is right for you.

Meet Our Trainers

Chris Hansen

“It’s not where you are today, but where you want to be tomorrow.”

Exercise has been an integral part of Chris’ life. Not only does it keep him physically fit, it gives him a mental break from a hectic day. With a Master’s degree in Human Movement and Performance he understands how exercise affects the body’s different physiological systems. From this knowledge he is able to tailor specific exercise programs for a wide range of individuals, from the extremely athletic to special population groups. Chris believes you should approach exercise with fun, focus and consistency.

When not spending time with his family, he enjoys running, biking, lifting weights, riding his motorcycle and barbequing with friends.


“I’ve worked with Chris for six years. I appreciate his well calibrated workouts; they keep me physically fit and injury free.”

— Mike Sandler

“I ski 35 days a year. Chris has developed a great program that enables my body to keep up with my lifestyle.”

— Evan Schwab

“I’ve had the pleasure of training with Chris for seven years. I have always been impressed with his professionalism, dependability, and flexibility. This is no question in my mind that an hour spent working out with Chris maximizes the efficiency and effectiveness of my training.”

— Shirley Wilson

Kiel McDougall

Growing up in Maine, Kiel McDougall enjoyed running in the woods, reading comic books, and wrestling with friends. Never one to be complacent, he used to run to elementary school to get a workout instead of taking the bus. When he was eight years old, he began chronicling his workouts in a journal. He has traveled around the world, scuba dived in the Caribbean islands, fought forest fires in California, and professionally battled in the MMA cage.

Kiel’s passion for health and fitness led to becoming a certified NASM personal trainer and a certified yoga instructor. He is a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. A proponent of whole foods and the benefits of eastern medicine, his approach to health is a holistic one: he believes that the mind, body, and soul must all be balanced in order to reach optimum health and longevity. A voracious reader, he majored in English and minored in Psychology in college, graduating summa cum laude from the University of Maine. You can learn more about Kiel and his approach to health and wellness at

Rachel Carey DeBusk

Rachel Carey DeBusk is a holistic fitness coach and personal trainer certified through the American College of Sports Medicine, USA Triathlon and Precision Nutrition.

Before turning to fitness, she completed a Masters in Education focused on motivation, and designed games for a living. Now, she puts all those passions together to give you the tools for living healthy, staying motivated and pushing your fitness to new levels.

Rachel has trained first-time triathletes, multi-marathoners, and lots of folks who just want to feel stronger, move more and love their bodies. She puts an emphasis on functional strength work, proper alignment, mobility and having fun. She thrives on helping people find their own path to doing consistent fitness activities they love.

Rebecca Francis

Rebecca Francis is a certified personal trainer and nutritional therapist whose goal is to empower others to find joy, confidence and strength through movement, nourishment and mindfulness practices. With a passion for supporting the bio-individuality of each person she works with, Rebecca aims to make each session relevant to her clients, whether that is through a personalized workout, functional nutrition counseling or guided meditation.

Having trained clients ranging in age from 16 to 82, from athletes and professional dancers to people with chronic diseases and limited mobility, Rebecca knows how to tailor each training session to the needs and goals of each individual she works with.

Through nutritional therapy, Rebecca helps clients understand the connection between nutrition and mood, ability to focus, energy levels, sleep patterns, pain and inflammation and the overall ability to live and function optimally. With targeted functional assessments, Rebecca has successfully helped her clients identify and recover from hidden stressors, nutritional deficiencies and food sensitivities.

Having seen the positive effects of establishing a consistent meditation practice of her own, Rebecca began leading clients in meditation to help them better connect with and reach their health and fitness goals as well as to recover from injury and surgery. Rebecca has experience leading meditation groups and one-on-one guided meditation sessions.

Rebecca has been a certified personal trainer since 2009 and a certified nutritional therapy practitioner since 2013. She has a background in martial arts and is currently a student in Integrated Movement Therapy, a Yoga therapy modality that combines movement with language stimulation, self-calming techniques, self-esteem building and play.

Prior to entering the field of health and wellness, she worked for many years in the service industry and also in social justice as a grassroots community organizer. When not training or working with clients, Rebecca enjoys dancing and exploring the outdoors with her daughter.

Keegan Thorpe NASM CPT CES

My name is Keegan Thorpe. I’m a Personal Trainer/Corrective Exercise Specialist certified with the National Association of Sports Medicine.

I’ve been involved in sports my whole life, however I began training, and
instructing fitness classes about six years ago. I was initially drawn to this field
while rehabbing a occupational injury from working in construction. I gradually shifted from my regular job to fitness because it’s just a lot more fun, and rewarding.

I get to relive that experience thru others, and it never seems like work.
All types of fitness interest me, but I focus on Corrective Exercise, and Small
Group Training the most. That’s where I feel like I have the biggest impact. I look forward to helping you be the best version of yourself!